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  • John Reynolds

Analysis of Top Hydrogen Electrolyzer Producers

Updated: Feb 18


As the demand for green hydrogen escalates, driven by global decarbonization efforts, the market for hydrogen electrolyzers is witnessing significant growth. This analysis delves into some of the top producers of hydrogen electrolyzers, evaluating their technologies, market presence, and contributions to the burgeoning hydrogen economy.

1. NEL Hydrogen


  • Headquarters: Oslo, Norway

  • Technology: Primarily Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) and Alkaline Electrolyzers

Key Strengths:

  • NEL is a pioneer in the hydrogen industry, with a long history of innovation and development in electrolyzer technology.

  • The company offers a range of electrolyzer sizes, catering to both small-scale and large-scale hydrogen production needs.

  • NEL's PEM electrolyzers are known for their high efficiency and reliability, making them suitable for various applications, including industrial use and energy storage.

2. ITM Power


  • Headquarters: Sheffield, United Kingdom

  • Technology: Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Electrolyzers

Key Strengths:

  • ITM Power specializes in PEM electrolyzers, which are characterized by their rapid response times and compact design.

  • The company focuses on integrating electrolyzers with renewable energy sources to produce green hydrogen, aligning with global sustainability goals.

  • ITM Power has been involved in several high-profile projects, including collaborations with major energy companies and participation in large-scale hydrogen refueling stations.

3. Siemens Energy


  • Headquarters: Munich, Germany

  • Technology: Primarily Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Electrolyzers

Key Strengths:

  • Siemens Energy, a spin-off from Siemens AG, brings extensive experience in energy technology and infrastructure.

  • The company's Silyzer product line features advanced PEM electrolyzers that are scalable and suited for large-scale hydrogen production.

  • Siemens Energy is actively involved in developing hydrogen projects worldwide, focusing on integrating electrolyzers into the broader energy system.

4. Thyssenkrupp Nucera


  • Headquarters: Essen, Germany

  • Technology: Alkaline Water Electrolysis (AWE)

Key Strengths:

  • Thyssenkrupp Nucera is renowned for its alkaline electrolyzers, which are well-suited for large-scale industrial applications.

  • The company's technology is characterized by robustness and the ability to operate at high current densities, enhancing efficiency.

  • Thyssenkrupp Nucera's electrolyzers have been deployed in various projects, including some of the world's largest hydrogen production plants.

5. McPhy Energy


  • Headquarters: La Motte-Fanjas, France

  • Technology: Alkaline and Solid Oxide Electrolyzers

Key Strengths:

  • McPhy Energy offers both alkaline and solid oxide electrolyzers, catering to a wide range of applications.

  • The company focuses on innovation and has developed compact and modular electrolyzer designs for easy integration into existing infrastructures.

  • McPhy Energy is actively expanding its presence in the international market, with a strong focus on the European hydrogen economy.


The hydrogen electrolyzer market is diverse, with each producer bringing unique strengths and technologies to the table. As the demand for green hydrogen continues to grow, these companies are well-positioned to play a crucial role in the transition to a more sustainable energy landscape. Their ongoing innovations and expansions are set to drive the hydrogen economy forward, contributing to a cleaner and more resilient energy future.



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